Customizing Trophies And Medals: How To Push A Team To Perform Their Best

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People deserve recognition whenever they do something good. Whether they’re an athlete, an office worker, or a young student. Praise can inspire anyone to reach the best of their abilities.

One common way to show this gratitude is by giving medals or trophies. These trinkets have been used by the Ancient Greeks, and they still hold the same value as before.

People get preoccupied with their busy schedules, especially in the major cities of Singapore. A simple medal or small trophy can help people express gratitude for work, especially when it’s hard to show these emotions in words.

Search the internet for websites that sell a customizable trophy in Singapore; these companies dedicate their efforts to making unique, high-quality products.

How Do Trophies And Medals Inspire Teams?

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People need praise when they do a job or a project. This validation helps them do their best and pushes them to achieve more. 

Trophies and medals have several meanings to a person; they can be a prize for display after winning a contest, a reminder that this person is doing their tasks properly, or a token of appreciation for someone who reaches beyond expectations.

From winning a match, a contest, or just being a hardworking person, trophies and medals are the icons of pride and appreciation.

What else can these prizes signify? Keep going to find out!

  • Trophies and medals promote talent

Everyone must recognize and nurture talent once it presents itself. A person can wear a medal and feel the pride of excelling in a skill. Find a trustworthy supplier for medals in Singapore to provide the best quality awards. 

Trophies are bigger, and other people can admire this person’s deeds. The winner can display this cup as a reminder that hard work pays off in the end.

  • People recognize individual talent and merit

Remember, trophies don’t exclusively belong to athletes or people in competitions; people who perform well in work or school also deserve prizes. These cups may display “employee of the month” or “most helpful in class.” These praises remind people that others appreciate them.

Some people even give trophies as gifts. Anyone can customize a trophy to say “best mom,” “best dad,” or other exaltations. Several websites offer services where a customer can order a personalized trophy online. Anyone can buy these prizes and give them to a loved one.

Medals usually serve as a recognition of individual talent. They’re small, personal, and people can wear them around their necks.

  • People recognize talent as a group

Why do sports teams only get one trophy when they win a match? Why can’t each member have a personal trophy, just like with their medals?

Another essential belief that trophies stand for is teamwork. The only way anyone can win a Basketball or Football match is when the team works together.

Sharing a trophy can develop a bond between the members of a team. Everyone shares the same happiness and excitement. 

Trophies and medals signify many things to people. They show individual and team merit and inspire people to do their best. 

Now it’s time to learn about customized trophies and medals. Are they worth it? Are they different from the typical prizes? How should you start with the design?

Why Are Customized Trophies And Medals Ideal?

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Medals and trophies show appreciation to a team or person. Customized prizes can provide a higher sense of satisfaction to these people.

Personalized Trophies and medals are also helpful for community sports matches. The awards will have the match name and the sponsors who made it possible.

1. Personalized prizes feel more sincere

Customized medals in Singapore are some of the best. The recipients feel that the prize is made for them, and they will feel a deeper appreciation for it. 

2. Design the awards to match the occasion

Trophies and medals fit several events; maybe it’s a company party to commend the best employees or a contest where people compete to gain a reputation. However, sports matches have the highest demand for trophies and medals in Singapore.

Imagine supporting a sports match with the Singapore National Basketball team — wouldn’t personalized basketball medals be a better reward than the typical gold, silver, or bronze?

Organizers can have event logos put on their trophies or medals. They can also include the sponsors who funded the events. Everyone benefits from customized trophies and medals!

3. Organizers can select the material

Some ready-made trophies and medals come from cheap metals so they rust easily. Customers can choose the material their prizes are made of and ensure the quality.

Suppliers can also provide unique shapes for the order. Trophies don’t always have to be cups — they can be stars, numbers, or people doing a sport. 

Also, remember that not every trophy in Singapore must be made of metal. Glass and crystal trophies are becoming popular because they are cheaper and more beautiful than metal ones. It’s all up to the organizer and supplier to agree on an appropriate design. 

Essential Trophy And Medal Design Tips

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One of the pros of having customizable awards is the organizers can choose whatever design they want. However, it’s also essential to select medals and trophies that look presentable.

All the organizers have to do is remember what makes a design! Here are some tips for guidance.

Choose quality materials

Bright and shiny colors can attract people’s attention, so use materials like this. Gold, silver, glass, platinum, and crystal are popular choices for personalized trophies.

The trophy base is also something the customer should think about. Choose elegant wood like oak, mahogany, or ebony to bring the whole look together.

Choose the right size

Organizers must consider their audience when they decide on their trophy or medal size. Sporting events usually attract a large crowd, so the prize must be big enough to see from afar. On the other hand, a small office party will only require a small trinket so it requires minimal space. 

Make sure the website where you buy medals online offers different sizes. There will be more options to choose from when selecting the right product. 

Use a unique shape

When people think of trophies, the first shape that comes to mind is a cup. So, won’t something unique like a star or a person catch more attention? The medals can also come in unique shapes to make the prize more special. 

When organizers choose a personalized prize design, the event becomes more engaging, and the participants feel more excited. 

Consider the typography

The text on a trophy or medal can bring the whole piece together, so choose it carefully. Go for a font that matches the event; something formal could use cursive, while casual events can use fun, printed fonts.

The letters must also be big enough for the recipient to read. Even medals must have the right word size. 

Put some branding

Singapore is full of thriving businesses that hold events, so it makes sense to put branding with the awards. Organizers can do this branding by adding the company logo to a design or using the company colors. This branding is a simple promotion for the company, and it makes the award more sentimental. 

Personalizing trophies and medals make the prize more special. Consult with the supplier to check on the different shapes, fonts, and colors which will go on the prize. Choose a trusted supplier who has the experience and several choices. 

Different Customizable Trophies And Medals

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Remember that personalized prizes come from different materials. Here’s a guide to which types make the best trophies and medals. Remember to match the award with the event, and give it the right customized touch.

1. Metal cups

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These cups are the most basic trophy-style; they are classic and give off a prestigious look. Metal cups can come in platinum, gold, silver, or bronze. Customers can add text and company logos to the base to personalize this award. 

2. Glass trophies

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Glass and crystal trophies are becoming popular because they have a unique appearance. These cups go well with formal events due to their classy look. The glass trophy can come in any color or pattern, and customers can choose which size they like best. 

3. Personalized trophy shapes

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Remember that some people get bored of the classic cup shape for trophies, so it’s nice to look at other shapes and patterns. Maybe a star or number might be attractive or choose one that matches the event. A sports match could have a sports-themed trophy that includes balls, players, and other symbols. 

Suppliers usually use resin, plastic, or wood to make a custom trophy in Singapore. These materials don’t cost much so customers can have an intricate design at an affordable price. 

Here are some customized trophy designs:

4. Medals

Resin football trophy

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Medals are great for individual rewards and small contests. People typically see them in a circular shape, but they can also appear in various patterns. These patterns make the medals more attractive and personalized.

Organizers can use the company colors for the straps. This is an effective branding technique, and it makes the prize unique. 

5. Wooden plaques

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How about something that combines a medal and trophy? Wooden plaques may be just right! These prizes are big and hand-held, but they also have intricate designs like medals. These plaques can also be customized to include a dedication and the event logo. 

Suppliers often present various choices; it’s up to the customer to decide which prize works best for their event.

How To Choose The Best Supplier For Personalized Trophies And Medals

Now it’s time to talk about ideal trophy and medal suppliers in Singapore. This country has several, but only a few offer quality and affordable products. Here are some characteristics to spot when looking for a supplier.

  • They must have proper quality control

Make sure that the suppliers use high-quality materials and every product is functional. Suppliers that have quality control make durable items that can last a long time.

  • A supplier must have unique craftsmanship

Everyone wants a unique design for their order, so choose a supplier with skilled craftsmen who can make special designs for customized trophies and medals. These products will have sentimental value to whoever receives them.

  • Choose a supplier with years of experience

Go for those who’ve had at least 20 years making custom trophies and medals. These suppliers can produce quality products and meet the requests of their customers. Their experience means they know designs work best, and they can help clients make the best-customized awards for any event.

  • Look for reasonable prices

Pricing is one concern an organizer may face when requesting personalized awards. The extra effort usually adds to the cost, and it may shoot over the budget.

That’s why customers must canvass a supplier that offers reasonable prices. Also, choose one that specializes in making customized trophies and medals — their prices are usually more affordable than other online stores. 

Try to settle with suppliers who are direct manufacturers of the awards. Sometimes when a third-party supplier is involved, it costs extra, so choose carefully to manage the budget.

These are all the qualities organizers must look for with trophy and medal suppliers. If they’re a good choice, they will create some fantastic pieces that will lift the spirits of all the recipients!


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Trophies and medals are excellent prizes to motivate people, and it’s more special when these awards are customized. It adds that personal touch to an otherwise cold piece of metal. People who receive these awards feel they are appreciated and part of a community.

Always remember to choose a good design for personalized rewards. Consult with the supplier to see what style best suits the occasion. Also, choose a trustworthy supplier who is experienced and uses quality materials. These efforts will ensure quality products and service to make the perfect customized trophies and medals in Singapore.

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