Four Sure-Fire Ways To Help You Customise A Plaque In Singapore

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Plaques have a wide range of uses. They can be used as an honorary badge for important people or a way of identifying a building.Institutions across the country appreciate plaques, and they also symbolise appreciation. As seen from colleges to government offices, plaques play an important part in society.

Since they serve different uses, there’s no one-size-fits-all plaque available in the current Singapore market. One has to look for an institution that makes a customised plaque in Singapore that is specific to a celebration.

Custom-made plaques take time and effort between the client and the expert, say, a plaque maker in Singapore. It requires smooth communication and many considerations before the end product is released. Some factors that need to be dealt with are tackled below.

1. Purpose

Three round metal plaques for a combat challenge

The purpose of the plaque should be clear before contacting a plaque supplier in Singapore. There are numerous situations that require an honorary badge.

Some examples include building distinction, memorial, logos, and so on. It would be challenging to design a plaque with an unclear function.

There are different plaque types. Here are examples of them:

  • Plaques used for building distinction, memorial, commercial, and government logos.
  • Plaques meant to commemorate veterans or loved ones.
  • The most well-known type of plaque is used to honour living people, whether in competitions or sophisticated events. 

For building distinction, memorial, and commercial logo plaques, the clients should:

  • Outline the essential details that would be engraved on the plaque
  • Analyze the structure of the building or monument
  • Make sure that the plates are made so that it is conspicuous and easily accessible to people so it can serve its purpose. 

Importance Of Clarity In The Plaque’s Purpose

Some plaques are mistakenly referred to as donation plaques when they are meant to commemorate, and vice versa. That is because of the lack of clarity and purpose, which is reflected in the design. 

For plaques made for specific (living) people, the fine points of the event should be noted. The plaque should be designed accordingly.

Whether it is meant to award someone after a competition or for recognition, the design should fit the event. For such occasions, smaller plaques that can be easily held are preferred.

The Stereotypical Look

There is a distinctive look for each plaque. Here are some examples of them. 


For government or corporate logos, an engraved symbol on a classic cast metal gives it an air of elegance and authority.


For memorial plaques that are for important people, giving it a personal touch that references the individual it’s for is appreciated. The memorial plaques are not limited to people, and they can also be used for deceased family pets or anyone worth remembering. 


Plaques that are used for pieces of machinery should be made with materials that keep essential information intact. These pieces of machinery are vulnerable to wear and tear and are likely not to age beautifully. Since they are used often, people need to keep the types of machines’ labels unharmed.


Historical plaques are pretty similar to memorial plaques, and only they are wordier. Both are used to remember, but the former tells a story with essential details in a limited space.

Making historical plaques is challenging because rich history is compressed in a restricted area. Despite this difficulty, experienced artisans can make suggestions on properly encapsulating a piece of history in a plaque.

The plaque’s purpose should be clarified first before making a customised plaque in Singapore. The plaque’s use leads to the conversation on the design, which is the next in the list of conditions.

2. Design

Wooden plaques with metal plates and name plates

The plaque’s purpose and design co-exist and cannot be separated. There is a stereotypical image for each type of plaque, as mentioned above. In short, there’s a go-to design for a specific type of plaque. 

Clients do not just approach an expert and demand a customised plaque in Singapore. There is a method, a process-long communication of exchanging ideas and looking into the suitableness of the product.

Although there are methods that hasten the process, the quality is not on par with those made by experienced artisans. Breaking down the components of the design, the client and the plaque maker in Singapore should talk about the following:


A typical plaque design in Singapore is bronze because it is eye-catching and is not as blinding as silver. Since the former is easy on the eyes, it is easier to read the details of bronze plaques.

Yet, there are cases wherein plaques have different colours, primarily if they are meant to award many people. 

For example, competitions do not give out same-colour plaques because there are levels of excellence in this scenario. The one who came first receives gold, the second receives silver, and the third receives bronze. 

Plaques can be clear, too, and made of plastic instead of metal. The difference can be noted in the inscription engraved or printed on the clear plaque (e.g. champion, first runner-up, second runner-up, etc.). There is more liberty on clear plaques on color and design, too.


The client and the plaque maker should also consider the size of the plaque. Historical and memorial plaques are not flashy. Typically, such plates are in a simple rectangular shape. 

However, memorial plaques are more personal. They can either be in the shape of the pet they are for or heart-shaped to represent that they remain in the clients’ hearts.

Sometimes, it’s a combination of heart and cross shape; either way, it’s more varied than historical and donation plaques.

Company logos and honorary badges use round metal plaques and shield-shaped plaques. Award plaques have the most creative freedom. They are often more complex-shaped than the other types of plaques; yet, they can be plain as well.


The plaque’s style is in line with its shape. If the form is complicated, then the type is naturally intricate. There are plaques that are made of metal, like round plates.

Shield plaques may be a combination of metal and wood. Although, company logos and building distinctions are mostly made of metal for them to endure time. 

Clients can choose to have their award plaques with acrylic, metal, or glass materials. The style depends on the type of plaque. If it’s more personal, the client may demand an intricate plaque style.

The event type can also contribute to the plaque’s class. If it’s for prestigious awards or for influential people, the customised plaque will likely be sophisticated.


The last thing to consider about the plaque’s design is the size. Although there is a wide range of plaque sizes, the client can choose two general size categories.

The plaques can either be handheld or placed on structures.There may be in-betweens, but the middle sizes do not matter that much in this situation. 

Clients and company employees should also consider the weight of handheld plaques. This is to prevent the awardees from carrying a heavy object on their way home. Although, both parties should ensure that the award is not too light that it feels cheap.


The design directly affects the price of the plaque. The more intricate the design, the pricier the plaque becomes. The client should expect a purely custom-made plaque to be expensive. Yet, pre-made plaques are as rewarding as purely custom-made ones but do not hurt the wallet.

Types Of Plaques

The client can choose a shield plaque if it is for the military corps. They can also choose between a round metal plate or a plaque in velvet boxes for championship plaques.

Clients can also choose to have their plaques engraved on mugs or on nameplates. A combination of a round plate placed in a rectangular background would make it obvious enough for people to notice company logos.

3. Price Range Of Plaques

A flatlay of taxes and a calculator referencing budget-keeping

Alt text: A flatlay of taxes and a calculator referencing budget-keeping

The price range of a customised plaque in Singapore depends on certain conditions. These are the plaque’s purpose, design, the material used, and the labor costs incurred in making the plaque. For example, a gold metal plaque ranges from 80 SGD to 160 SGD. 

Meanwhile, an acrylic plaque is half its price, ranging from 40 SGD to 80 SGD. Wooden plaques are at the same price range as gold metal plaques. Also, plaques in velvet boxes have the same price point as acrylic plaques.

4. Customer Review: Service and Quality

A person leaving a five-star feedback

Alt text: A person leaving a five-star feedback

After working on the process of making a customised plaque, it is essential to ensure that the main process of making the plaque is recommended by customers. Clients can check the credibility of the suppliers through inspecting their quality, packaging, and delivery time.


After going through the specifics of making a customised plaque, it will be for naught if it arrives damaged. This is why packaging is another thing to consider for a plaque.

Until delivery, the client has no way of knowing whether the plaque is safe and sound. A responsible client can only verify their plaque’s safety through other customers’ feedback.

Fragile materials, like plaques, may break if handled haphazardly. This is especially true for crystal plaques or acrylic plaques. If the institution has low regard for the safety of its products, clients may find a crack or two on their plaques upon arrival.

Clients can also confirm with the company the following guidelines on shipping fragile items to ensure their integrity during the transaction.

  • The Right Box

A fitting box keeps the plaque safe while it’s shipped from the company to the client. Company employees should store the plaque in a box with at least two inches of space (for the padding). Boxes that are too small, too big, or too snug have increased chances of damaging the edges of the plaque.

  • Use A-Grade Materials

Clients who wish to have a customised plaque spend money on the product, and that includes its protection. As such, reputable companies should have packing supplies that do not easily tear.

Custom mailer options for fragile items are crucial. These options could lead to better client trust and future loyalty.

  • Use Bubble Wrap

It goes without saying that bubble wrapping is imperative in packaging objects, especially if they are fragile. The plaque should be fully covered by two to three layers of bubble wrap and secured with scotch tape.

Companies that use a biodegradable green wrap or bubble wrap made of recycled materials are indicative of a good company policy. This is because they care for both the client and the environment.

  • Use Padding

Aside from the bubble wrap, the box’s interior should be protected as well. Company experts know that packages may still move from inside the boxes during the shipping process.

Moreover, in the unfortunate situation that the box gets damaged, having a padding adds another layer of protection.

  • Labels

Lastly, the company should appropriately label the package to ensure that they reach the client safe and sound. Important information, such as the name and address of the client, should not contain errors. Such mistakes may lead to unnecessary inconvenience for both parties.

  • Delivery Time

Along with the packaging, clients often comment on the delivery time of the products they order. This is especially true for plaques as they are needed during a specific time. 

For example, plaques are necessary during an awarding ceremony or a commemoration. It will be embarrassing for the client to open an event without a plaque to give at the end.

An opening of a company would also need a building distinction plaque. A late delivery may also render the plaque useless, especially for competitions. 

Importance Of Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA)

An institution should provide the client with an estimated delivery time. They should also constantly update the client on where the package is currently. 

The point is, guaranteeing the delivery time is a way to maintain a customer’s loyalty to the company. It also leads to future client referrals if the experience is good.

If a problem arises, the company should immediately contact the client. Then, they should inform them of the situation. In such unfortunate events, the company may be liable to some incentive to appease the client.

As a client, one looks for a communicative agent who can assure them of the immediacy of the delivery. Yet, clients should also check if the delivery time sacrifices the packaging of the plaque.

Also, to keep a client, the company should balance the delivery time and packaging. Both conditions are important.

Communication Between Client And Plaque Supplier/Maker

Lastly, the quality of the plaque should meet the client’s expectations. This can be achieved through constant communication throughout the customisation process. Communication can help ensure the client’s expectations are within the range of the product’s actual condition.

A high-quality plaque should be capable of weathering the shipping process. It should reach the client without dents with only little to no minor scratches.

Depending on the type of plaque, the engraving should also last a long time and should be free of typos as well. It could cause trouble for both parties if the engraving has errors, so it should be double-checked.

Materials Used

Apart from that, the material used for the plaque should be in accordance with what the client and company talked about. If both parties talked about a wooden plaque, then the company should follow through. Whether the price is expensive or not, the institution should still take time to protect its client’s product.

Moreover, it’s best if the materials used are of excellent quality. The quality is crucial, since the customised plaque may travel to a distant part of Singapore.

One way to determine whether the plaque is of good quality is through the test of time. Acrylic plaques may not be as durable as metal plaques, but they should still be able to last years.

Metal plaques for company logos need excellent engraving to weather the harshness of time. This includes the historical plates as well.

The customisation process of plaque in Singapore only seems to be extensive in text. In reality, it can be faster due to technology.

Importance Of Rapport Between Client And Plaque Maker

A responsible client checks whether a prospect institution is willing to communicate. Ordering a customised plaque in Singapore is no easy feat, especially without communication. Thus, communication is a necessary condition. 

Whatever the customised product is, the client and company should connect. These criteria also help the company to establish a rapport with the client. Since the best measure of the plaque’s quality is through the test of time, it may be challenging for clients to trust companies.

Plaques are also used to establish rapport from one organisation to another, making it a symbol of trust. It is a figure of connection between the supplier and client, as well as the client and the plaque’s recipient.

Yet, if there is ample and clear communication between both parties, there would be no mishaps. This leads to a smoother transaction, leading to more future clients for the company.

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