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A crystal trophy

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It’s been a wonder what a crystal trophy in Singapore is, how it’s made, and what makes it so unique. Continue reading this article and understand how they are compared to other awards and characteristics that make it stand out.

Education and training push people to grow, mature, and then survive. Those who do well and stand out in specific fields after a long duration of hard work and persistence commonly deserve a prize. 

These model individuals tend to lead the rest to a new frontier of the future. Other than the perks and attention they would get on the side, what better way to recognize these individuals’ efforts than bestowing them with an award: a trophy or a medal.

What Are Crystal Trophies?

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Like other trophies, a crystal trophy in Singapore is made to give the recipient a sense of achievement and prestige. To highlight the purpose of recognition, trophies are typically made of shiny and stylish materials, things that usually make the holder much brighter.

The trophies available on mass volume and in almost every department store are made with plastic, reason, or steel alloys coated with gold, silver, or bronze. Since organizers typically set up awarding ceremonies to be as special and unique as possible, these common ones won’t suffice. This is where crystal trophy suppliers can politely interject!

Here are some key characteristics to them:

  • Crystal trophies are clear and pristine

The incredible clarity and neat look may be the best characteristic a crystal trophy is known and sought out for. Later on, there’ll be a comparison between crystals and glass, but crystal trophies look unique in the same manner as glass.

Crystal trophies are made with either of the two processes, high-temperature and low-temperature (cold). The high-temperature process is well-known, wherein you melt the raw materials and mold them into shape. Meanwhile, the cold process cuts, polishes, layers, and glues bars into the design.

The intense detail and skill put into each of these processes allow the artisans to bring about and maximize the inherent advantages of the origin crystals.

  • They have a higher refractive index

Crystal trophies are preferred a lot because they combine their intense clarity with refraction. That is, the way they express the passage of light is noteworthy.

Crystal refracting light

Since they’re strong enough to allow sharp and creative curves, wouldn’t it be nicer if something interesting happens in these edges as light passes?

In essence, it would be like a transforming award every time the awardee moves to a different spotlight.

  • Crystal trophies are dense

These special types of trophies weigh more than other materials of the same volume or size. Denser materials mean that their molecules are tightly packed, meaning more units can fit in the same space.

This is one way of knowing that an award is a crystal — it weighs substantially more than it looks. It may not seem to matter, but a slightly heavier award can give a feeling of higher value given to the awardee.

  • They have high durability

Optical crystals, which are used to make the crystal trophies, have high strength and durability. Their molecules do not contain lead, which effectively heightens their strength.

Nondurable glass

Since it’s stronger, it may need more input when processing it, but that strength also allows workers to pull more creative and detailed edges and engraving. Not to mention, this strength and durability will allow for the new owner to have the award without a scratch or avoid worrying about wear and tear.

  • Crystal trophies are aesthetically-pleasing

What would all the strength and weight be for if the recipient doesn’t find the trophy pleasing? Lucky for this trophy category, aesthetics is a natural description of crystals.

Another advantage of these crystal trophies is they can be simple or highly artistic. It’s pretty hard to ignore a crystal sheet or bar when it’s looking so clean, shiny, and dotted edges with changes in hue as a person passes by.

How Are Crystal Trophies Different From Glass?

Handful of glass and rocks

Sticking to the definition, crystal trophies are technically glass. Specifically, optical crystals that make up the crystal trophies are a particular type of glass.

However, crystal trophy suppliers would tell inquirers that they’re not the same, though. This is because they are a separate category in the case of trophies.

Here are some key differences.

1. Clarity

If a crystal and a glass trophy are put side by side, the first difference you’ll notice is their clarity. As its name suggests, crystals are crystal-clear, while glass can have bubbles and even a level of opacity in some places.

This difference can be caused by the raw materials used, pressure applied, and duration of the process.

2. Refraction

Imagining a rainbow would help you understand this better since it is caused partly by refraction. Glass generally has a lower index of refraction than optical crystals.

3. Strength

Since crystal trophies are more robust, they will have better looks than glass through wear and tear of time. They also allow more definitions from a longer processing time.

4. Price

Since it’s a better material, optical crystals cost differently than glass. It is slightly more expensive and may have lower availability in some areas.

One way to think about it is that glass is an umbrella that an optical crystal falls under. There can be other glass types like jade glass and Starfire.

What Awards Use Crystal Trophies?

A clear trophy

One of the necessary thoughts to consider with trophies is their suitability for the award. Typical award ceremonies that use crystal trophies are advancements in service, education, and research.

Since their clarity is eye-catching, these crystal trophies are typically found in premium events and celebrations of milestones.

Other than the characteristics and suitability of the trophy, other elements must be considered before having some made. One of them would be availability, like looking into a crystal trophy in Singapore if it’s nearby or if deliveries are possible, despite fragility.

For new clients, a crystal trophy design in Singapore would ask questions regarding

  • Category of award
  • Number of trophies
  • Personalization
  • General design
  • Deadline

These questions will help their best artisans visualize the figure that will fit your needs and make proper recommendations.


There is so much to know about trophies, awards, and how to pick them correctly. Narrowing it down to crystal trophies has made that smaller, but there is still so much to know about them.

While wine glass trophies continue to be famous, glass and crystal ones are picking up the pace and catching up, so it’s best to learn about them now.

There is more to see about these trophies in Alvin Sports.

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