Things Worth To Note When Buying Awards

Three golden medals with three tone-colored lanyards

Ever since the first Olympics, triumph became the famous symbol of a medal. Through time, a medal became the mark of a person’s efforts in achieving something valuable.

Be it in sports competitions, a company award, or for commemorative purposes, medals recognize someone’s hard work and perseverance. On the other side, medals or any form of trophies also represent an organization’s appreciation and honor of the person’s success. That’s why medals should look and reflect their fundamental value.

If you are looking for trophies that will indeed reflect their dedication and diligence, the following are top essential things to consider when deciding what type of medals in Singapore to choose and where you can buy them:

Why Are You Giving Them?

Marathoner holding a silver medal with his right hand

The first essential thing to remember when buying the medals is to consider the purpose of purchasing them. Is it to award someone winning the sports championship? Can it be to recognize someone’s military service? Or is it to present an award to outstanding employees of the month?

Think of the medal types that would best fit your purpose. It is also worth saying that you should choose medals that you can be proud of having, too. We do not receive rewards on a daily basis, so you better make it worth it if you are trying to acknowledge someone for their good works.

Common Types Of Medals

Star, cross, and round-shaped medals

You can choose from a wide range of medal types. The most commonly available are circular medals. However, you can also see cross or star-shaped and rectangular ones (also called plaquettes). Shaped medals other than round ones are usually known as decorative medals.

Medals can also be the type that are placed inside a plastic casing and those with a lanyard. Whatever it is you choose, make sure that it fits the tone or message that you are conveying for the person you are giving it to. For example, it would be awkward to give a medal that is sports-related when you are inside a professional work environment — so make sure to choose one that is aligned to the occasion.

Go To The Manufacturer

Man with a mask plating gold parts and accessories

Visiting physical stores to inquire about medals is a good option. However, going directly to the manufacturer can be exceptionally better than merchants. It will allow you to interact and ask the actual staff who crafted the medals. You can get more specific responses to your inquiries and even get the trophies for a discounted deal.

Visiting the manufacturer also allows you to request medals exclusively created and designed according to you or your organization’s preference. While you’re at it, remember to ask and see a draft of what the medals would look like when you get them. Go visit your manufacturer and inquire now!

Where To Buy Medals Near Me? 

Singapore has many flagship stores and showrooms you can choose to go to. Yet, if you’re looking for a great store that offers a wide variety of awards, here is Alvin Sports that you will never regret visiting.

They also provide plaques, pins, and trophies beside medals. The manufacturer’s store is located near the City Square Mall, so it’s very convenient even for people who aren’t driving.

You can also buy sports medals online from their shop’s official website! They also do customized medals, so it’s no lie telling that they let you choose what you want.

Need not also worry about having your medals delivered right to your doorstep, as Alvin Sports vows to ship your awards with utmost care. Grab their free shipping promo now!

What’s The Best Material?

It’s time to consider the best material for your medals! Craftsmen create traditional trophies from melting metals and mold them into the medal shape. However, the modern living of men has introduced new different material types where medals can also be made into.

Three Most Common Medal Materials

1. Metal

Gold, silver, and bronze metal medals with lanyard

Over a million centuries ago, medals were actually as big as half-to-size of humans. Medals also used to be decorations before, and the only material people used to craft them in was metal.

Back when no high-tech equipment could help them make the medals, they could easily engrave on metal because of its malleability. Early craftsmen considered metals valuable and irreplaceable for their rare quality and worth way back then.

Commonly, medals are made from either one or a combination of two of these materials: bronze, silver, and gold. As the world welcomes novelty, more metal kinds have been added to the list of metal materials. These are iron, tin, copper, pewter, and platinum.

Metal medals are the conventional medals you see everywhere. Its durability, upscale feel, and appearance make it one of the most coveted types of metal material.

2. Acrylic

Different shapes and designs of acrylic medals

Photography: Max Medals

Acrylic medals are outstanding for small buyers looking for a cheaper alternative. They look irrefutably similar to glass awards. However, they lack luster as compared to authentic glass medals. Medals made from glass material shine brighter than acrylic ones.

They can also be shaped and sized to almost anything. Colored and more invigorating images can be laser engraved or directly printed in acrylic medals. It makes them look more tailor-made and vogue than the other trophies.

Acrylic-made medals are more durable than glass material. It can survive extreme temperatures and can resist impacts. It is lightweight and won’t break or shatter easily. This type of medal is usually sought by small organizations arranging minor competitions.

3. Glass

Blank glass awards and plaques in different shapes

Talk about glam and modern styling; glass medals certainly top the list! The exquisite look of crystal-made trophies and plaques please everyone’s eyes. Significant associations usually prefer this medal for prestigious events, such as awarding ceremonies.

Like the acrylic material, digital and colorful images can also easily be imprinted on glass medals. Undeniably, crystal awards, trophies, or medallions can be a bit more expensive than acrylic and metal medals.

Glass medals’ edge lies in the stylish and exquisite appearance, making large corporations choose them. The material can be susceptible to shattering, but it is sure to represent a company’s image of fineness and elegance. 

You can always inquire and request the material you want your medals to be made of from your manufacturer. Alvin Sports is definitely one of the best choices when buying medals in Singapore!

Exquisite Engravings 

Round medal with star and different design engravings

When buying medals in Singapore, their quality engraving is another thing to look for. You will be presented at least a sample of the store’s awards, and you’ll want to examine how they do the imprinting and inscription of the characters and images.

It is essential that engravings are clear, readable, and printed accurately. Manufacturers using high-end tools during the imprinting process are the ones who have the best engravings.

The catch is you can easily distinguish professionally made inscriptions from those not. Uniform and exquisitely formed smooth lines make up a quality engraving. Dimensional engravings are typically designed into acrylic and glass or crystal materials. 

You will usually be given options on how you want your designs engraved. You can also ask for the colors and engraving style choices.

When ordering the medals, ensure to seek assistance from the assigned manager to ensure that you evaluate and approve all the engraving creation processes to be done.

Impressive Styling

Bell-shaped medal with vibrant colored imprints

Photography: Bespoke Medals

Buying medals also involves choosing the ones with the best styles. The catalogs you will see in a manufacturer’s store include images of their medal styling. 

You should choose a style that best fits you or your organization’s panache. A type that will genuinely show appreciation and honor the recipients can also help you decide what to buy. 

Available Styles Of Medals In Singapore And Other Places

The following popular medal styles and features may or may not be offered by some stores. Still, your manufacturer can request and customize most of these styles.

  • Holographic – An illusionistic style that will make a unique and wonderful medal. This is an excellent choice if you are hosting a modern-styled event or if you are giving out awards in a more professional setting.
  • Interlocking or Stacking – This style adds an amount of fun to medals. They fit together to create the master medal, which shows the overall symbol or image.
  • Rainbow – An engaging style that creates stunning color effects when reflected in lights. Rainbow medals are often enjoyed by children or winners of fun activities.
  • Segment – This style can entice the vying participants as it looks like collectibles.
  • Contrast – Your designs are polished on a matte background with a stylish veneer finish.
  • Europa – A versatile style of medal that is durable and inexpensive.
  • Color Spray – Style of Europa medals sprayed with your choice of Pantone color.
  • Enameled – Europa-style medals completed with a partial or whole coating for a sheen finish.
  • Silicone – One of the most economical designs and can be finely imprinted with 2 or 3-dimensional designs.
  • Other styles – As we repeatedly mentioned, you can always ask your manufacturer. They can offer you ways to enhance the style you want so you can make your medals truly embody uniqueness.

Be Hands-on When Buying

Two people shaking hands

It is essential to always be proactive when buying medals in Singapore and other places. Research, if possible, before you head out to order. It will help you have an idea and a brief background on what and where you are buying.

At the store, always ask your questions to the staff and ensure to get specific answers from them. Ask if they customize designs, engravings, and any other possible areas. Make sure that you are thorough with your options.

You will also want to check if they will incorporate and execute your style and ideas into the medals. Assure that you can see a preview of what the awards will look like. This allows you to ask them to change anything that needs to be modified or improved.

Negotiate with the manufacturer or vendor and make sure that you are entertained by the staff with your concerns. If they can cater to your needs and answer your inquiries with ease, are in the right place.

Price That Goes With Quality

A person counting dollars on her hand

What’s better than a store offering reasonable prices for high-quality products? Many trophy and medal stores in Singapore have the best deals, but only a few offer a price that goes with the quality of their medals.

Choose the awards that are worth their price and deserve the recipient’s hard work and triumph.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the Olympic gold medal is not actually made with 100% gold?

Tokyo 2020 Olympics gold, silver, and bronze medals

Photography: ZME Science

The truth is only the medal’s linings are in fact, should be plated with a minimum of six grams of gold, and the rest are required to be made from 92.5% silver. 

So, have you ever wondered where you can buy Olympic gold medals and how much they cost?

Various online shopping stores like eBay auction Olympic medal replicas as souvenirs. The estimated price range for these products is $10 to roughly $200.

According to a NY Times article, some Olympians resorted to selling their Olympic medals in the past mainly because of financial struggles.

Does The Design Stand Out?

Olympic medals with different designs

Photography: Pinterest

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying medals in Singapore. You will get to see the same styling from different stores, similar price ranges, but few designs will stand out to you.

Manufacturers with expertise in craftsmanship and finishing can offer you exceptional designs that will surely turn heads and catch the eyes. Excellently crafted medals have distinguished details without manipulating the original design blueprint.

They are carefully engraved and styled using high-tech tools to assure high printing accuracy and preciseness. If you want to get the best medals, make sure that you will not miss out on the designs. This is one of the factors wherein you can truly test the skill and experience of the manufacturers.


Did you note all the things to remember when buying medals in Singapore? All the points we mentioned above will serve as your ultimate guide whenever you head out to organize awarding ceremonies.

Be sure to know what you’re getting, and always get your hands on everything so you can get the best medals for your recipients! After all, providing an acknowledgement for hard work is not something to be treated lightly.

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