The 4 Best Ways To Personalize Wooden Plaques

Assorted sizes wooden plaques

Wooden plaques are helpful woodwork pieces. They can be used as awards, decorations, gifts, or display in a business establishment. Utilize wooden plaques for anything needed!

The best way to maximize wooden plaques is by personalizing them. These pieces can display a company name, logo, or even a message! They come in various designs, so there is a wider range for customizing. 

Customers must follow some essential tips when they buy personalized wooden plaques in Singapore. This article is a guide to making the best purchase choice!

Top Uses And Benefits For Customized Wooden Plaques

Light-colored personalized wooden plaque

What’s the fuss about these pieces? Why do people care so much about a wood slab? Well, these plaques can be used for any occasion!

Whether it’s for a contest, an awarding ceremony, or a graduation, these awards have several uses.

1. Use them for commercial establishments

Wooden plaques can be used as name boards for offices or restaurants. These signs can attract customers when they are designed well, and they make small businesses look enticing.

2. Use them for decoration

These plaques can do the same wonders with private spaces, just like with the business establishments. They can have inspirational messages or welcome signs for visitors. Wooden plaques also make a home complete and add an elegant ambiance. 

3. Use them as gifts

Wooden plaques are a quick and simple gift that anyone will love. Add a personalized touch, and it will become more sentimental.

4. Use them as awards

People typically use wooden plaques as awards and prizes. They look amazing when they have the event and sponsor logos. Wooden graduation plaques are the most commonly used personalized award.

Why Choose Personalized Plaques?

Dark-colored personalized wooden plaque

Wooden plaques in Singapore come in wide varieties, so take advantage of these selections by customizing the piece! There are several sizes, shapes, and wood types to select, so choose which one works best for the intended purpose.

Wooden plaques were meant to be personalized. They have enough space to display essential information, and they have lovely shapes. Adding a company or school logo along with a message gives the plaque a sentimental value that the recipient will appreciate.

What To Remember When Customizing A Wooden Plaque

Feel free to design the wooden plaque in the best way possible, but try to consider how it will look according to its features. Choose which type or shape is most suitable for the upcoming event. 


These plaques usually range from 4×5 to 6×7 inches. Choose which one works best for the intended function. A small competition won’t need a big plaque, but a competition with more people will need a larger size.

Wood type

Wood type plays a significant role in the appearance and durability of the plaque. These are some of the best lumber to use for a wooden plaque.

  • Maple

This hardwood is one of the most popular materials for making a wooden plaque. It is robust, and it has a lovely bright color.

  • Black walnut

This wood is soft, so it is the top choice for customers who want to up carvings in plaque. Black walnut has a chocolate brown color, so it doesn’t need any stain.

  • Teak

This wood is more on the exotic side. Teak comes from South America, and it has some anti-moisture penetration qualities. This plant releases some oils for moisture protection.

Teak wooden plaques are more helpful outside, where the water resistance acts as excellent protection.

This wood is more pricey compared to the others, but it’s lovely and durable, and an excellent choice for wooden plaques.

  • Mahogany

This lumber is a common choice for plaques. Mahogany doesn’t need any stain, and it can be cut easily by a woodworker. This wood is popular because it’s sturdy and affordable.

This tree comes in various colors, so choose which lumber color works best for the plaque.

Every piece of wood has its qualities and properties. Choose which type works best with the planned plaque. Make sure the colors match properly, and the wood is sturdy enough.

The wood base is the most essential part of the plaque. It brings the whole image together, so it must be selected carefully. Think of the overall appearance of the wood — will the size, texture, and durability match the planned design? Is it soft enough to cut and still be in good condition? 

Plaque design

The design is an essential factor for wooden plaques in Singapore. There are several options to choose from, and they have their unique style.

1. Challenge shields

 Challenge shield wooden plaque

These plaques look like shields, following their name. They have a regal appearance, so they’re excellent as awards and business decorations. These shields are usually made of Black walnut or Mahogany.

Try to select a darker wood for challenge shields as they look more refined and bring out the unique plaque shape.

2. Velvet boxes

Velvet boxes wooden plaque

These plaques come with a box that protects the piece or acts as a stand for display. The plaque can lean on the open box for display, and it has a stylish look. Try to select deep velvet colors like red, green, or purple to make the wooden plaque stand out. 

The velvet box design is an excellent choice for wooden graduation plaques or awards. It has a simple display, and the cloth makes it look refined. It will fill alumni with pride to display a beautiful plaque with their school logo in their room. 

3. Round plates

Silver round plate metal plaque

These plaques aren’t made of wood, but they’re still customizable and perfect for displaying. These plates make excellent awards for contests and get a big size to make sure the audience can see them properly. Use the round plate as a trophy, people will appreciate it more because it’s beautiful and unique.

4. Other wood designs

Red wooden plaques with assorted sizes

Shields, velvet boxes, and rectangles are the most common shapes for wooden plaques, but there are other options, too! Maybe a badge-shaped plaque is the customer’s preferred choice or one that folds open like a book. It’s essential to choose a store that offers a variety of shapes, so the customer has more options to choose from. 

The plaque design can affect the overall impact of the piece. Choose one which best fits the event and complements the other added elements.

Event type

The occasion is the first thing to consider before deciding how to personalize the wooden plaque. Is it a small school contest with a few people or a huge corporate event with hundreds of guests? Must the plaque look formal? Or will something light and casual do the trick?

The number of guests will determine how large the plaque must be. A small, intimate event will fare well with a 4×5 inch plaque, but one with more people will need something bigger. 

Choose the proper wood to match the event. A casual party will fare well with Mahogany or Maple but splurge on Teak for something a little more sophisticated.

Also, think about the logos and words that will be placed on the plaque. Place the logos in a visible and noticeable area and ensure that the lettering is clear.

Understanding the event will give the customers and supplier a clear picture of the plaque’s appearance. The supplier can suggest the best designs and wood used for the piece. Everyone must decide carefully as wooden plaques for awards attract the most attention during events.

How To Choose The Best Plaque Supplier

Singapore has several suppliers for wooden plaques and trophies, but find the best supplier by looking for these qualities:

They have consistent quality control

Sometimes a customer will order a set of personalized wooden plaques. Every piece must look elegant. It would be a significant turn-off if some plaques had crooked messages or chipped wood.

They have skilled craftsmen

The craftsmen are the secret to making excellent wooden plaques. Make sure the supplier has craftsmen who have experience and produce quality results.

They have years of experience

Several years in the business means the suppliers know how to meet the clients’ needs and produce excellent results. A supplier with more than 20 years of making wooden plaques is the best choice since the client can expect excellent results.

They are affordable

Pricing is also an essential thing to consider when settling for a supplier. Some companies overcharge for mediocre work, so choose a well-known supplier that has reasonable prices. More expensive doesn’t always mean better; it’s always the craftsmanship and the service that matter the most. 

The wooden plaque lies in the hands of suppliers, that’s why customers need to select the best affordable suppliers to do the work. Clients will get excellent products from trustworthy manufacturers.


Wooden plaques can bring the room together, whether as a decoration or a centerpiece. Remember to combine the right size, wood, and design with proper typography and layout.

These factors are what clients should think about when they personalize a wooden plaque. When all these elements are put together, the result is a lovely piece of art that will catch the attention of anyone in the room.

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