Top 12 Things You Need To Know When Buying Customised Trophies In Singapore

Six different trophies placed on a table

People have already loved giving out trophies as presents to individuals and groups. It serves as a warm recognition of their hard work, achievements, and success. Moreover, trophies also establish value, boost confidence, and motivate people to work harder.

Also, people tend to have a more positive environment whenever they feel celebrated. Giving respect and honor for the things people do can inspire them to achieve more. It may be a small act of kindness, but it can mean a lot to them.

Nonetheless, handing someone such awards does not end there. It comes with the responsibility of providing an excellent quality of trophies. Well, who would ever want to reward someone with something of poor appearance and quality?

As much as we want to let people feel appreciated, we want to have the best customised trophy that we can give. Fortunately, worrying ends today because this article will help you!

Here are twelve things to remember before buying a customised trophy in Singapore.

What To Consider When Buying A Customised Trophy?

Two trophies lying on a yellow background with gold circles

Trophies are famous in various events. People give these out for sports, company events, and competitions. It also applies to different academic contests and other occasions or achievements.

Nonetheless, these are things you must consider before giving out trophies. Knowing these factors will ensure the quality and appearance of the awards you want to give. 

1. Choosing The Trophy Type

Sports trophies and a football placed on a teal background

Selecting the type of trophy is the first thing you need to decide. This factor usually depends on the event, competition, or occasion. You can also consider the purpose of giving the award.

To further explain this, here are different types of trophies and their respective purposes.

  • Hunting Trophies

Hunting trophies are awards given to successful hunters. These are usually animal heads displayed on the wall. Aside from that, these can also be animal heads or bodies that underwent taxidermy. 

  • Perpetual Trophies

Winners who usually receive perpetual trophies hold the award until the next event. Sometimes, they need to compete again to defend the title. Meanwhile, some competitions provide the copy of awards for permanent ownership of winners.

  • Standard Trophies

Standard trophies are what we usually see every day. These trophies have cup-like shapes, stars, and the likes. They may look pretty ordinary, but people can add decorations like ribbons and colors. 

Usually made of plastic, standard trophies come in the color gold. These are more inexpensive than the other types. Nonetheless, these are still presentable and artistic.

  • Awards

Awards are perfect for recognizing remarkable achievements. It is best for prestigious events. People usually hand these to respected and honored personalities.

Despite the purpose, people can also use awards in small-scale competitions. You may choose smaller ones yet honorable and presentable. These awards also apply to movie events, music, fashion shows, and sports.

  • Plaques

Plaques best apply to corporations, companies, employees, workers, or supervisors. This type of trophy has the recipient’s name, title, logos, and other information. People can hang the plaques on the wall or place them on the top of their tables.

Plaques are also artistic and pleasing. Some materials used in making these are metal, acrylic, wood, marble, glass, and the likes. This type of trophy often looks professional and classy.

  • Medals

Medals are thin, small-scale awards made from gold, metal, silver, or platinum. People add decorations like ribbons to make it look more professional. Moreover, they also put in more colors to make it more creative.

Medals are best for sports, military, academic events, and general competitions. It can be a symbol of excellence in a specific aspect or field.

2. Ensuring The Quality Of The Trophy

A glass award on a plain black background

Once you have chosen the trophy type, you need to decide on the material. Who would ever want to receive trophies that are of poor quality? This award recognizes someone’s success, so we must not give something easy to break and destroy.

To help you with that, here are trophy material types you can consider.

  • Glass

Glass is a premium-quality material in making trophies. This material best applies to government, corporate, institutional, and other premium occasions. 

Usually made from silica sand, glass trophies are available in jade and crystal clear glass. This material can be pretty pricey, but it looks elegant and professional.

  • Crystal

Crystal is often softer than glass materials. It is more expensive than the others, but it is the most artistic. It best applies to 3D and detailed designs because it is easy to form. 

  • Acrylic

Acrylics are transparent plastic materials. These are easy to bond with solvents and adhesives. It can be one of the best options because it is sturdy, stiff, and durable.

Moreover, acrylic materials are also presentable and attractive. It is also cheaper than glass and metal trophies.

  • Metal

Metal is the best material if you wish to make lifelong trophies that can last a lifetime. This material is the most durable type of trophy. It is not easy to destroy and break.

Nonetheless, metal is more expensive than other materials. The price is suitable for the sturdiness the material has.

  • Wood

Some wooden materials suitable for trophies are oak, maple, pine, teak, and steam beach. This material is unique because of its wood grain texture and color. Furthermore, it is also sturdy and durable.

Wooden trophies are easy to carve and color. Trophy suppliers can design them without any difficulties. Also, this material is inexpensive, so it is best as collectibles.

Aside from the mentioned materials, people may also choose marble, diamond, platinum, gems, silver, gold, or bronze. Nonetheless, resin with 3D printing is the most popular material nowadays. It has the best quality, affordable price, and a more artistic appearance. 

3. Selecting From A Variety Of Trophy Designs

A hand holding a trophy near five more trophies on a wood cabinet

Recipients feel extra special when trophies look elegant and exceptional. Awards with excellent and unique designs tend to attract more attention from people. With that, you must ensure that the trophy design is perfect.

Before customizing a trophy, it is best to seek the shop’s gallery. You can find them on their stores or website. You must check if there are various designs you can choose from for the trophy you wish to create.

It is best to select unique trophy designs, excellent lay-outs, and engraving services. If the store offers these things, you can have more options on how you would want to congratulate the recipient. The more choices, the more you can find the suitable one for the event. 

4. Deciding On The Trophy’s Size And Weight

A set of gold and silver trophies

Size and weight are also essential when buying a customised trophy in Singapore. These factors may vary according to the event or competition.

For instance, large trophies are perfect when winners want to show their awards in front of many people. In this case, they tend to hold them above their heads. 

Meanwhile, such awards, medals, and other trophies are better in small-scale sizes. Gold, silver, and platinum medals can be small yet weighty and thick. You need to ensure that you can still recognize the weight of success a person has achieved.

It is best to have trophies that fit the tables for educational events and corporations. On the other side, sports and massive achievements may need larger-scale awards.

5. The Level And Number Of Recipients

Four trophies with different sizes placed on the top of a table

Trophies may also depend on the rank and level of the recipients. The size may vary according to the position a person achieves. The higher the place, the bigger the trophy a person receives.

For instance, third placers may receive bronze, the second may have silver, and the first may get gold. The prize becomes more special as the rank ascends. It may look confusing and unpleasant if you give larger-scale trophies to lower positions.

6. Trophy Engraving – What To Write?

A trophy with “#1 Billboard Award” engraved on it

Trophies can never go blank and plain. You will need to put something to make it more exceptional and presentable.

It is best to engrave the recipient’s name, team, or brand. You may also put their achievement, appreciator, award year, logos, and other information. It will look perfect if you emphasize their success on the trophy.

When engraving, you need to pick out readable yet stylish font styles. Also, ensure the font size because it needs to be clear for the recipient. Please proofread and check the spellings and scripts to avoid errors.

Laser engraving is the trend nowadays, but 3D engraving is also perfect. This type of engraving best applies to acrylic, glass, and crystal trophies.

7. Securing The Engraving Quality

A best teacher award and an apple placed on a table with silver stars

Engraving does not only end with choosing font styles and sizes. You will also need to ensure if the quality is excellent or not. What is the essence of an exceptional trophy design if the texts are not presentable? 

With that, you may want to check if the scripts are in decent proportion and position. The lines must also be smooth and in uniform. Moreover, they need to be pleasing and aligned.

Again, double-check the texts to prevent typographical errors. Not everyone will feel happy with a misspelled name on a trophy.

8. How Much Time Will It Consume?

Two hands holding a trophy

Who would ever want to wait for too long for a customised trophy in Singapore? Yet, you cannot rush a trophy supplier because you can receive ones of poor quality when hurried. 

Customizing and engraving on trophies usually do not take too much time. Nonetheless, some may depend on the designs, available materials, engraving tools, and difficulty. If the trophy designs are pretty complex and detailed, they can consume more time.

Aside from that, suppliers may also take more time to complete them if you order in bulk. Also, expect your trophies to come a little later than the estimated arrival if the shop has many customers in line. 

If you want to speed the process up, ensure that the details and texts are correct. Double-check the design, colors, fonts, effects, and likes. In this way, you can prevent errors that may lead to corrections.

9. Checking Budgets And Costs

A gold FIFA World Cup trophy lying on a pile of money

Checking your budget is crucial when buying a personalised trophy in Singapore. You will need to estimate your funds before deciding on the materials, quality, size, and quantity. Allocating money for the awards is essential because the price depends on materials.

For instance, diamond, gold, gem, crystal, and solid wood are more expensive than plastics, glass, and sterling silver. Pressed wood, resin, and acrylic are the best options for more affordable ones.

Nonetheless, these materials still have a high-quality and pleasing appearance. They can show a professional look like genuine gold, silver, and sparkly trophies. 

10. Ensuring Trophy Shop’s Reputation

A set of gold trophies aligned on a shelf

Looking for a trophy supplier in Singapore is also essential. Who would want to buy trophies and awards from a suspicious manufacturer? You may wish to provide the best gift for someone’s success and achievement, so you need to find the best place.

In this case, you will need to look for the most trusted trophy suppliers. If these shops have reviews and ratings, ensure to check them. Places with excellent comments make the best customised trophies.

On the other side, it is best not to trust trophy manufacturers without decent reviews. You will need to be careful about this because you do not want to waste your time and money. 

You can ask your friends, other companies, and corporations for some shop recommendations. Choose one everyone knows about and those with positive customer testimonies. Moreover, the recipients will feel at ease if they know that the trophies came from a trustworthy store.

11. Does The Shop Offer A Product Warranty?

Two shelves full of properly-aligned gold trophies

We can never deny that we cannot prevent product damages. Some trophies can break while delivering them to the customers. Meanwhile, some awards may also get destroyed once they reach the buyers. 

Fortunately, a trophy shop can make solutions that may help resolve these issues. They can offer a product warranty to guarantee product replacement or repair when something gets damaged. Moreover, the manufacturers also need to correct the items if they do not match the buyer’s standards.

Nonetheless, providing product warranties comes with terms and conditions. Some people say customers are always correct, but this is not the case. There are limitations to where people have the right to ask for replacements.

These limitations include:

  • If the trophies get damaged due to the customer’s fault, the manufacturer is not liable for repairs and exchange
  • If the span for warranty has already ended, the customer has no right to claim it
  • Product warranty only includes replacement and repair, but not money refunds

It is best to be careful in this matter to prevent misunderstanding. Ensure to ask the trophy supplier first before placing orders. The agreement between parties must be understandable and fair.

12. Knowing The Delivery Options And Costs

A man holding three delivery boxes

Once the trophies get designed and manufactured, delivery comes next. Nonetheless, this factor can only be for those customers who ordered from far away trophy shops. Also, you can ask for deliveries if you cannot bring the items alone.

You can find a trophy supplier in Singapore that offers delivery options with affordable charges. Ensure to ask them about the details to know what you will do next. 

It is best if the trophy shop you have chosen has on-time delivery, nice and sturdy packaging. It may also help if they charge inexpensive costs. You can sometimes check the reviews and ratings of the store about their delivery services.

Some shops also offer incentives when you order trophies in bulk. Moreover, some manufacturers give gifts to customers that have shown kind personalities. They also appreciate people with smooth transactions.

Settling the delivery is the last step when buying a customised trophy in Singapore. Once you have finished this, you are good to go!

Celebrate Excellence And Success With A Customised Trophy In Singapore!

A gold trophy and a soccer ball on a grassfield

Trophies may come in different types, sizes, and designs. People may also give them on varying occasions and events. Nonetheless, everything shares a similar reason for recognizing success and achievement.

Giving out trophies as presents has become a known practice for everyone. It serves as a token and remembrance of something they have worked hard for some time. People who usually hand in these awards take time preparing for these small gifts.

Coming up with the design and texts may be challenging, but giving them to people feels the best. Fortunately, you can overcome the difficulties of picking out the best award to give. You only need to remember these things before buying a customised trophy in Singapore.

Once you have understood the factors you need to consider, you can have your personalised awards! You may hand it out to those people you want to congratulate. Let them feel celebrated and appreciated!

On the other hand, if you receive a trophy, it is best to be grateful too! Customizing one needs hard work, patience, and effort. So, every award given to you comes with sincerity and warmth.

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